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Q: What information do you need from me to be featured?
A: Outside of what is on the application, nothing! We will never ask you to log in anywhere or give us access to your profiles. All the info we need is from what you submit via the model form.

Q: What do you mean by image link?
A: An image link has to come from a public source, it cannot be from a private instagram for example. Please try to use places like Photobucket if possible, Dropbox and Imgur. Instagram and Twitter can both work as well, as long as the image is on a public profile. For Instagram, go to the picture you would like to submit (we suggest landscape not portrait) and click on the three dots, then copy link. **For the best results, we ask that this is a HD image not coming from a social media link, just for the best results and clarity.

Q: What happens after I submit my application? How long does it take to hear back?
A:  We will contact you via the social media @ you gave on your application to verify you are the person who submitted, this can take anywhere from 2-7 weeks depending on submission volume. Once we get verification from the model, the model will be added to the next available day.

Q: Will I be notified when my day arrives to be published on the site/newsletter?
A: Yes! We will send you a message with a graphic for your social media the day before your profile goes live. If you prefer email please let us know when we reach out to verify you on your social media.

Q: Do the consumers get to pick who they see in their newsletters or user experience?
A: No, they do not. We want every model who sends an application in to have the same chance to be seen by our entire list. Our founder is a huge believer in cross promotion and making sure the playing field is equal for everyone. Every model posted that week on the website will be sent in the newsletter.

Q: What do the weekly emails look like to the consumers?
A: The format is the 7 models of that week per email, which includes their submitted photos and links. At the very bottom of the email you will see some adult company ads as well as our brand’s info.

Q: Where does the traffic come from?
A: Customer acquisition is our speciality and we’ve been doing this for 10+ years. We advertise on many adult sites and clip/content sites – you will probably see our banner somewhere soon. We also heavily rely on you as the model to help get the word out about us as well. If you want to include a link to on your linktree or other site just let us know, we would love to reward you for that. Our traffic team can be reached at

Q: Is there social media for Daily Noods?
A: Yes! We can be found on Twitter at @DailyN00ds , Snapchat @DailyNoodsTV and Reddit @DailyNoods.

Q: I would like to take my submission down, how do I do this?
A: Please visit the link tited “Remove From List” and we will help you do so!

Q: What do I do if someone submitted my info without my permission?
A: We ask for a current and publicly accessed social media for the purpose of contacting you when you submit to verify who sent the submission in. With that said please make sure we can contact you on your social media to verify you. If we cannot verify you on your social media DM (or even your adult media like ManyVids or PornHub) we cannot post you.

Q: Is there any way to hide certain countries/cities from seeing my profile?
A: Sadly no there is no way to do this on the site or the newsletter at this time.

Q: I would like to change the picture for my profile, is that possible?
A: Absolutely! Please keep this to a minimum but feel free to re-submit a photo by sending an email to